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The Association of Kurdish Visually Impaired in Sweden

(SKS) is the main organisation of the blind and partially sighted in Sweden. This Association is a social, non-political organisation in which the members take an active part in the decision making. SKS divides its work into two main areas: safeguarding interests, and organising meetings and courses about Sweden. We also support visually impaired kurds who have just come to Sweden.
Only the visually impaired themselves know what is necessary to improve their situation in order to achieve full participation.

Areas in which SKS is particularly engaged:

-meetings, discussions and social activities for all members
-help people who have recently become visually impaired to
-overcome their insecurity
-gatherings for parents of visually impaired children
-gatherings for older and younger members in order for them to exchange experiences.
-individual counselling about rights and services
-initiatives on new kinds of service
Safeguarding of interests
Priority is given to the following areas:

-guarding against discrimination of people with impairments
-rehabilitation and compensatory training of people who have recently become visually impaired

-vocational training and changing of attitudes to give unemployed visually impaired people a fair chance
-giving visually impaired people access to new information technology –
maintaining a general welfare system that applies to all citizens.

Since most visually impaired people are elderly there is also a youth organisation linked to
Synskadade Kurder:
The Swedish Association of Visually Impaired Youth